• NH Paid Family Leave and Medical Plan

    Workplace flexibilities are increasingly important to today's workforce. Providing NH's Paid Family and Medical Leave insurance as an employee benefit can make a real difference in recruiting and retaining top talent. All employers in the state will be able to voluntarily participate in the New Hampshire Paid Family & Medical Leave Plan, which provides workers with wage replacement coverage for specific leaves of absence. Through the state-sponsored plan, all employers, including for-profit, nonprofit, private and public, and eligible New Hampshire workers can purchase PFML insurance providing 60% wage replacement for up to six weeks per year for absences from work for covered common life events.
    NH PFML insurance can be purchased from MetLife, the state’s insurance partner for the plan, either directly or through an insurance agent, broker or consultant. Employers who purchase NH PFML from MetLife are eligible to receive a Business Enterprise Tax (BET) credit of up to 50% of the premium they pay on behalf of their workers.

    MetLife is conducting a 2nd series of employer webinars on November 7th, 9th and 10th to help employers understand this unique, first of its kind, voluntary benefit: Click here for more details and to register for one of the webinars


    Paid Family Leave


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