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Committees are necessary to organize the functions, meetings and events that the Chamber hosts. The following committee structure, established by the GHCC Board of Directors was created to give membership a better opportunity to participate in a committee that will best fit with their capabilities.

Members are welcome and encouraged to participate on Committees.

Program Committee:


  • To devise and ensure the production or programs which bring members together for business & pleasure and the return of non-dues revenue to the Chamber
  • Responsible for planning, directing & implementing the details of each event.
  • To produce and/or promote educational and professional development programs and projects that meet the business and professional needs of Chamber members.
  • The committee will continue with the currently established activities and for the months of May, July, August, October and November work to create an additional venue that could become a revenue generator and potential annual event.


  • Monthly Business After Hours
  • Chamber Annual Dinner (March)
  • Silent Auction & Dinner for Charity (December)

Ambassador Committee:


  • To orient new members and ensure the participation of all members in the Chamber programs.
  • Devise and implement strategies to ensure member participation and satisfaction.


  • Greet attendees at Chamber events
  • Through a call program, contact members each month alerting them to upcoming events or means of participation.
  • Responsible for the monthly raffles & door prizes

Membership Committee:


  • Recruit new members and increase membership by ten percent.
  • Provide feedback to the board or appropriate committees garnered from recruitment process
  • Cultivate a connection within Town offices to create a resource in being more aware of new businesses establishing in the community.


  • Conduct membership recruitment programs and visit new and existing business to obtain members.

Marketing Committee:


  • To devise and implement strategies to recruit new members into the Chamber.
  • Review membership benefits and recommend action on proposed & existing benefits programs and services offered by the Chamber to its members.
  • To create additional revenue generating marketing products such as community maps and/or insert distribution in community paper, and utilizing the web site to be profitable.


  • Annual Membership Directory & Community Guide
  • Promote the "Employment Opportunities", "Member Market Place" and other web site/email advertising.

Government Affairs Committee:


  • To support local economic development initiatives that improve the economic climate, inform Chamber members about economic development issues and maintain a communicative connection with local business and governmental leaders.
  • Track business bills discussed in legislative sessions, communicating and educating the Chamber members about important issues affecting their business, potentially alerting the board of impacts and developing a position for action set forth by the board.
  • Utilize the Chamber's membership in the NH Business & Industry Association as well as the US Chamber of Commerce on behalf of Chamber members.


  • Hold forums to educate members about business issues and legislative initiatives.
  • Develop a group of interested members to review the current ordinances relating to chamber members and if necessary propose changes to appropriate governing boards
  • Conduct annual member surveys and evaluate member concerns, potentially taking action on behalf of business.

Business - Education Partnership Committee:


  • To initiate and provide a partnership with the educational community to increase educational quality and content to reflect the needs of the business community.
  • Responsible for soliciting and selecting Businesses, Citizens and Junior Citizens of the Year.
  • Develop a school to career program such as job shadowing and/or internships by working with the Technical Career Center at Alvirne.


  • Promote the Businesses, Citizens and Junior Citizens of the Year submissions and selection process
  • Select the honoree's for the Annual Dinner.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee includes the President, Executive Vice President, First Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and past President and will have authority as stated in the by-laws.

Meets the Second Tuesday of the month from 8AM to 9AM in the Chamber office.

Mission/Goal: Assist the board of directors to govern more efficiently and can act on behalf of the board when the entire board of directors are unable to meet. Act as a facilitator for performance evaluator of staff and director conflicts.


  • Will act as the Officer & Director Nominating Committee to solicit and submit to the board nominees for the officer seat and aid in the pursuit of business members interested in serving as a director.
  • Accepts power between board meetings.
  • Sets monthly Board meeting agenda.
  • Review policy and personnel issues.

Budget/Finance Committee:


  • To provide fiscal support and to ensure sound financial conditions of Chamber resources.


  • Review and audit financial records for the previous year (February).
  • Prepare the Annual Budget (October) for board approval (November).

Committee Chairperson Expectations:

  • Member of the Board of Directors
  • Reports to the board on decisions and progress on a monthly basis
  • Responsible for assembling and managing a committee; encouraging volunteers
  • In charge of planning, directing and implementing with specifically detailed tasks assigned to committee members designated for each program for the benefit of the Chamber
  • Ensure mentoring and grooming of committee members for future chairmanship role
  • Preparing an agenda and chairing meetings
  • Create a budget for each project within that committees set budgeting constraints
  • Responsible for ensuring that due diligence is made for monitoring expenses
  • Review accomplishments to ensure they are meeting board directives

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