• Care Givers & Support Services

    Posted: 04/01/2024

    We feel working for Gateways is a productive human endeavor, and if you are looking to create a sense of purpose in life... Gateways might be that very solution for you.  We offer diverse employment opportunities that assist Infants with Developmental Delays, help Children & Adults with Disabilities, and Care for our frail Elders in Need, so they all can lead meaningful lives in our community. We employ people from part-time entry level positions through senior level full-time occupations.  There are many ways to help.  Come visit us, and see why Gateways is a special place to work and grow in your career.

    If you are a team player who believes in the value of diversity and believe the unique contributions that each person can add to our community, then join in and experience the good feelings that come with providing support and companionship to others.

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