• Strategic Plan 2023- 2026

  • Who We Are Who We Are

    The Greater Hudson Chamber of Commerce aims to be the Voice of our Businesses.  With 70 years since being founded (July 14, 1952), we continuously evolve as we strive to meet our members’ needs.  A snapshot in time this strategic plan was developed with a three-year focus (2023 – 2026) using the best information and business expertise available.  This plan will be reviewed annually to ensure momentum remains strong and direction continues to address the needs of the membership and our community.

  • Vison Vison

    To be an indispensable resource and serve as the community’s business champion.


  • Mission Mission

    The Chamber’s mission is to build a vibrant and prosperous community through business leadership and positive change.


  • Objectives Objectives

    As it works to improve your community’s economy and quality of life, the Gr. Hudson Chamber of Commerce keeps these broad objectives in mind:
    • To help businesses prosper;
    • To increase job opportunities;
    • To provide resources and development tools to support business growth;
    • To contribute to the overall economic stability and quality of life of the community.
  • How We Work How We Work

    The Gr. Hudson Chamber of Commerce is funded through the investment of the members through dues, and sponsorship, which in turn supports the development of programs and initiatives that result in growth of business and industry.  In exchange for the member investment, the Chamber provides visibility, resources, and advocacy.


  • Activities Activities

    The Chamber supports and enhances our members in a variety of ways.  The following are some of the activities undertaken by the Chamber to aid the business community and its members:
    • Promotional exposure to potential customers/clients in printed and digital methods;
    • Referrals matching member products and services with customer requests;
    • Programs with speakers on important and relevant subjects and resources;
    • Hosting regular networking programs offering members to make connections;
    • Advocacy on issues and concerns that affect business;
    • Partnering with local non-profit organizations dedicated to improving our community;
    • And much more 
  • 6 Pillars of Focus 6 Pillars of Focus

    Membership, Marketing, Organizational Excellence, Programing and Viability, Advocate for Business, and Partnerships

    Defined are six key areas of focus within our strategic plan where a culmination of measurable action items and goals will lay the ground work to enhance value to our organization, members and community.

  • Membership Membership

    Engage & build the membership to grow the Chamber.

    Marketing Marketing

    Improve awareness of the Chamber. 

    Organizational Excellence Organizational Excellence

    To continue to improve our impact and efficiency.

    Programming and Viability Programming and Viability

    Deliver greater value to our members.

    Advocate for Business Advocate for Business

    Be the defender of business concerns.

    Partnerships Partnerships

    Be the connector for business & community at-large.


    By focusing on these areas, our Chamber can proactively drive growth, attract new members, increase member engagement and position itself as a vital resource for the local business community while making member satisfaction a key objective for mutually beneficial relationships and success.


  • Conclusion Conclusion

    The Strategic Plan will serve as a tool to evaluate activities, assuring relevancy to its mission, vision and goals. This plan also emphasizes our commitment to provide the best value to our members and work to achieving opportunities and long term growth of the Chamber.


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