• Nominations Wanted

  • The Gr. Hudson Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards highlight the achievements of responsible business leadership in our community and publicly honors local businesses and volunteers that are committed to making our community a better place.

    Awards 2018View the 2018 Awards Program Book for those honored at the March 2018 celebration.

    You are invited to help recognize businesses, organizations or individuals who have made a significant contribution to the community this past year. The Chamber relies on our community for nominations for the awards and appreciates your time in making the nominations.

    We are seeking nominations for the 2018 Citizen of the Year, Junior Citizen of the Year, Outstanding Community Partner and Businesses of the Year with a deadline for submissions of January 31, 2019. Winners of these awards will be honored at our 50th Annual Awards Dinner being held in March 2019.

    You can mail in a nomination or make a nomination online today! This form includes options to make nominations for the categories of Businesses, Outstanding Community Partner and Citizen of the Year; however you are not required to make a submission for all these categories. Previous year winners are listed below. The Junior Citizen nominations must be sent either via mail, email or fax as they require additional documentation for consideration.

    The candidate must live or work in Hudson or surrounding communities, and their activities must be mainly centered in or have a positive effect on the local community, the accomplishments to be acknowledged are based on the current year’s community contributions. A detailed and specific statement of these accomplishments can be submitted online sharing reasons for nomination or mailed/dropped off at the Chamber Office.

    Two categories “Businesses less than 50 employees” and “Businesses with 50 or more employees”

    The businesses must be a located in the Greater Hudson coverage area, and one which exhibits successful business practices and distinguishes them as a business established at least one year and that advances the best interest of the local community through leadership and community contributions. A detailed and specific statement of accomplishments of the nominated businesses stating the reasons for nomination can be submitted online with a brief description on each company or mailed/dropped off at the Chamber Office.

    Nonprofit organizations make a notable impact on the quality of life for those who live and work in our community. Nominations will be considered on the types of direct services provided, how many individuals they impact and in what ways, creativity in delivery of services, successful future development and donor recruitment efforts and sustainability of the organization.

    Nominations for Junior Citizen should be mailed, emailed or dropped off at the Gr. Hudson Chamber of Commerce Office due to the information and references requested. Must be a resident in the Greater Hudson Chamber of Commerce coverage area, a graduating High School Senior, must provide a current scholastic record, at least two recommendations from the educational system, and two non-school related recommendations, a listing of all four years of school activities and non-school activities (community service related, etc.) along with a detailed statement explaining the reasons for nomination must be submitted. The intent of this award is to nurture as well as award the spirit of community service. This award is an acknowledgement of service outside of the classroom, while fostering the encouragement to serve fellow citizens taught directly or indirectly in some school courses. These awards are given in support of local youth initiatives. The Jr. Citizen may opt to receive their award at the Dinner or a presentation to be held with their classmates at Scholarship Night in June. 

    A committee of Chamber members will review your nominations, consider your reasons for nominating the person or business and determine how the candidates meet the criteria and make final selections for the awards. The Nomination committee will review each nomination and weigh the candidate based on the criteria listed below.

  • Junior Citizen of the Year  

    • Scholastic record
    • All activities
    • Recommendations
    • Overall Leadership/Community Service/Civic Responsibility/Volunteerism


    Citizen of the Year  

    • Leadership
    • Community Involvement
    • Volunteerism
    • Specific contributions to the community


    Businesses of the Year

    • Leadership
    • Contributions to the Community
    • Exhibits successful business practices


    Community Partner of the Year:

    • Services Provided
    • Community Impact and Improvement
    • Successful future development and sustainability

    The deadline for the submissions is January 31st. The more detailed information the committee has in writing the better they are able to select the worthwhile candidate. Each year the GHCC receives many excellent nominations for consideration. If you have sent in a nomination in the past that has not yet been honored but continues to work for the betterment of the community—we encourage you to please send us your nomination again. Our community has a lot of worthwhile candidates—let’s recognizes them!

    Be sure to include your name and contact information should the committee need to obtain more information. Send your nomination to the Gr. Hudson Chamber of Commerce, 71 Lowell Road, Hudson NH 03051, info@hudsonchamber.com or submit online here!

    Only the award finalists will be notified of their nominations. Winners will be announced publicly ahead of the event. Tickets for the event may be purchased online once the winners are announced at www.hudsonchamber.com. The cost is $50 per person and includes dinner. A table of eight may also be purchased. Congratulatory ads are available as well as additional sponsorship opportunities to further show your support of our honorees.

  • Past Honorees

  • Year Citizen of the Year Business/Organization of the Year Jr. Citizen of the Year
    2017 Thaddeus "Ted" Luszey

    Advanced Spa And Pool (Sm. Business)

    SL Chasse Steel (Large Business)

    Saint John XXIII Food Pantry (Partner)

    Emma Beals

    Hannah Truesdell

    2016 Phyllis Appler

    Digital Federal Credit Union
    (Business of the Year)

    Kiwanis of Hudson
    (Outstanding Community Partner)

    Noah Tardif
    2015 Jeremy Griffus

    Granite State Indoor Range
    (Business of the Year)

    Hudson Lions Club
    (Outstanding Community Partner)

    Julia Balukonis
    2014 Laura Bisson

    The White Birch Catering & Banquet Hall
    (Business of the Year)

    Hudson Police Department
    (Outstanding Community Partner)

    Joseph Wedge Jr.
    2013 Bernard "Bernie" Manor

    Anne's Florals & Gifts (sm.)

    Reeds Ferry Sheds (lg.)

    Ethan Beals
    2012 Linda Kipnes

    Fairview Healthcare (lg.)

    Sousa Realty & Development (sm.)

    Heather & Tara Hardy

    Susan Li

    2011 Dave Morin

    Enterprise Bank (lg.)

    Area News Group (sm.)

    Ashley Felch

    Cheyenne Tessier

    2010 Pauline Boisvert

    St. Joseph Healthcare (lg.)

    Showtime Computers (sm.)

    Jeremy Poulin

    Kirsten Lennox

    2009 Tom Cavanaugh

    Sam's Club (lg.)

    Matibo's Salon (sm.)

    Lauren Straight
    2008 Len Lathrop

    T-BONES (lg.)

    Specialty Kitchens (sm.)

    Ashley Metivier
    2007 G. Phillip & Alvin H. Rodgers

    Sam's Club (lg.)

    Valentino's Restaurant (sm.)

    Michael O'Keefe

    Max Mahoney

    2006 Ruth Parker Hudson Dental Associates

    Kevin Martin

    Jacquelyn Lewis

    2005 Leo Dumont Jr

    Public Service of NH (lg.)

    Melissa Hoffman Dance (sm.)

    Yiyi Xia

    Jaimie Zablocki


    Priscilla Clegg

    Bank of NH (lg.)

    DiBenedetto & Co PA (sm.)

    Hope Blanchette

    Sarah Morgan

    2003 Esther McGraw

    The Telegraph (lg.)

    The Natural Touch (sm.)

    Jennifer Fredholm

    Katie French

    2002 Robert Tousignant

    Southeastern Container (lg.)

    Harmony Real Estate (sm.)

    Nicole Contos

    Katie Francoeur

    2001 Rhona Charbonneau Dr. Thomas Chamberlain DDS Laura Polanec
    2000 Wilbur Palmer T-BONES Aaron Collins
    1999 Gary Rodgers Sanders, a Lockheed Martin Co Amanda Martin


  • (lg. = Large Business of the Year;    sm. = Small Business of the Year)

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